About Avondale

Avondale Asset Management is a registered investment advisor based in Los Angeles.  We manage investment portfolios consisting primarily of individual equities for individuals, advisors and private foundations.

Avondale's purpose is to pursue superior long-term investment returns within the context of our core values: integrity, humility and fundamental curiosity. Our investment philosophy is grounded in these values. In appraising investment opportunities, we look for organizations that share our core beliefs:

Integrity means valuing those who care about doing what is right over what is easy. This is the fundamental building block that governs the way we act towards our clients and the companies that we associate with.

Humility is the understanding that all things are not known or knowable. We recognize that there are limits to our ability to comprehend the ocean of information that confronts an investor. This is why we focus on evaluating risk, develop objective tools to guide our investment process and believe that partnering with superior management teams is key to investment success.

Curiosity is what drives us. We have a genuine passion for simplifying complex dynamic systems. This passion pushes us to never stop asking “why.” As an investor, the learning process is never complete, and we feel that being motivated by curiosity rather than greed is a major competitive advantage.

We believe that applying these values to our search for investment opportunities will deliver the strong returns that ultimately measure success. Companies and management teams who are sincere, honest, candid, willing to admit and probe mistakes and have an exceptional understanding of their customers and markets create investable opportunities. Only once these criteria are met do we rely on our own understanding of economics, businesses and securities markets to gauge the long-term viability of an investment.