Thursday, October 13, 2011

Google Trends Recession-watch

In honor of Google's 3rd Quarter report, below is the google trends chart for "recession" searches.  If I didn't know better, i'd think this was a chart of the VIX or High Yield credit spreads.

It's interesting how the number of searches for "recession" spiked in late 07.  NBER didn't declare that the recession started in 07 until much later, but google trends caught it right away.

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Here are two other trends I played around with:

1) Depression:  It looks like searches for depression are in secular decline (I would have assumed the opposite).  The seasonality of depression searches is stunning though--always dipping in the summer and rising in the winter.

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2) Angry: Apparently people are getting pretty pissed off about stuff.

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More google trends fun can be had here


I think I may have found the source of the world's anger problems.  (It was the birds--thanks Rovio).

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