Friday, March 2, 2012

Apple is a Luxury Brand

The people over at have apparently done a survey of 700,000 Mac and PC users to cross reference what the computer that one uses says about where he or she shops for clothes.  The results weren't particularly surprising: Mac users tend to shop at higher end, more trendy stores.  This isn't surprising because Mac users also pay almost double for a computer/phone/tablet that does basically the same thing as a Windows or Android computer/phone/tablet (I happen to be a Mac user).

The survey highlights the extent to which the consumer electronics market has matured beyond competition based on functionality.  In an increasingly commoditized consumer electronics world, the gadget that you use says as much about you as the clothes that you wear.  Even though a t-shirt from Saks is functionally the same as a t-shirt from Old Navy, one store can price the shirt multiple times higher than the other based primarily on branding.  Said differently, Apple is nothing more than a luxury brand.

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